About Us

Our Teachers

WRE Bible Teachers have a wealth of Biblical knowledge and passionate hearts to teach God’s Word to children. During each class period, they share God’s love through carefully prepared lessons, their actions and their prayers.

Board of Directors

Weekday Religious Education in Rockingham County is governed by a board of directors representing the five magisterial districts of the county, the city of Harrisonburg and at large members.

Our members serve for a five year term. They work year round to support our Bible teachers, to maintain our classroom buildings, and to raise funds to meet our budget.


WRE is strongly supported by parents in our community. Additionally, all of our financial support is donated from our community. Local businesses, churches, service groups, and individuals contribute to sustain our budget.

Funds are also raised for WRE through an annual fall Benefit Auction. We are blessed and grateful for the numerous donations and the generous buyers which together make the auction a tremendous success.

Our History

The Weekday Religious Education program in Virginia began in 1929. The Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area council was one of the original three programs. Today there are 20 regional WRE councils in the state of Virginia. We are part of the Virginia Weekday Religious Education Association.

Originally, Bible classes were offered to High School students and were held in the public schools. However, after a Supreme Court ruling which established that tax supported school buildings could not be used, WRE classes were relocated off of school property.
Classes are currently held in a variety of settings: one-room class rooms (built by WRE), local churches, and on our bus, which has been designed as a classroom.

Legal rights to continue release time programs was upheld by the 1952 Supreme Court ruling in Zoarch v. Caluson and again upheld by the US Court of Appeals in Smith v. Smith in 1975.

This release time program is offered free to public school students, and receives no tax revenues for its support.